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Post Show Report 6th Central Asian International Exhibition

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Post Show Report

6th Central Asian International Exhibition

Everything for Hotels, Restaurants and Supermarkets

21-23 April 2010, Pavilion 9, Atakent Exhibition Centre

Almaty, Kazakhstan

On behalf of the organisers, we would like to thank those who took part in organising and conducting HOREX 2010.

1. Official Support for the Exhibition:

Official support for the exhibition was provided by Kazakhstan Association of Hotels and Restaurants (KAGIR), Association of Chefs, and the Russian Federation’s Chamber of Commerce.

2. Information Support for the Exhibition:

Magazine: Restorannye Vedomosti

Magazine: Gurman Almaty-Astana

HoReCa Catalogue

Newspaper: Restorany Astany

Magazine: Menedzhment Kachestva

Magazine: Food Info

Horeca Magazine (Kazakhstan)

Horeca Magazine (Russia)

EuroBAK Association

Magazine: WorldMonitor/ EuroBAK

Magazine: World Discovery Kazakhstan

Newspaper: Biznes v Kazakhstane

Newspaper: Biznes i Vlast

Magazine: RBC

TV channel: LIFE TV

MediaLink (magazines: Time Out, Beauty World, City Mag, Vokrug Sveta)


Yellow Pages of Kazakhstan

Newspaper: Megapolis

Newspaper: Iz Ruk v Ruki

Magazine: Vsya Nedvizhimost

Info Price LLP

Magazine: Nalogi i Finansy

Magazine: InfoCenter

Magazine: Business-Courier


Newspaper: Inform Vestnik Den Za Dnem

Newspaper: Gazeta Besplatnykh Obyavleniy


^ WEB Sites

^ 3. Official Opening

The official opening of the exhibition took place at 11:00 on 21 April near the main entrance to Pavilion 10. The exhibition opening ceremony was attended by representatives of KAGIR Association, Kazakhstan Association of Chefs, Almaty City Akimat, and ITECA LLP.

^ 4. Advertising for Visitors

On 21 through 23 April, several projects were carried out at the same time: KITF (Tourism and Leisure), HOREX (Everything for Hotels, Hotels, Restaurants and Supermarkets), and CleanExpo (Cleaning Industry). Visitors and exhibitors thought this combination of events was very convenient.

An advertising campaign was carried out to improve HOREX 2010 performance. The following was used:

  • Outdoor advertising:

- advertising on monitors (airport),

- banners across the streets of Almaty

  • TV advertising (LIFE TV Channel),

  • radio advertising: Channel 31,

  • advertising in newspapers and specialised magazines in Kazakhstan and the C.I.S. countries,

  • web site advertising,

  • press conference one day prior to the exhibition opening to cover all 3 projects during the period,

  • PR articles on the exhibition in specialised magazines,

  • fax and e-mail campaigns 2 weeks prior to the exhibition opening, promo campaigns in supermarkets, business centres, restaurants and bars of Almaty.

Direct delivery and telephone calls were made to 7,000 people with invitations, including oblasts of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

^ 5. HOREX 2010 Visitors

The cost of entry tickets was 200 tenge ($1.3), the cost of the catalogue was 400 tenge ($2.7).

Day 1 – 3,675 visitors.
Day 2 – 2,594 visitors.
Day 3 – 297 visitors.
A total of 5,720 visitors were registered.












^ 6. HOREX 2010 Exhibitors

Exhibitors: 70 companies from Estonia, France, Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, and U.S.; exhibition area was more than 1,200 sq. m.

- Does your company plan to participate in HOREX 2011/ April 20-22, 2011?

Yes – 26%, Maybe – 69%, No reply – 5%

- How would you evaluate organisation of the exhibition?

excellent – 40%, good – 56%, bad – 4%

^ 7. Night Cocktail

The night cocktail to mark the exhibition opening was held at the InterContinental Hotel Almaty. Exhibitors were officially awarded for The Best Stand Design. The winners included:

For the Most Extensive Exhibition – Metro Cash & Carry
For the Original Decoration of the Stand – RosTekstil LLP
For the Constructive Solution – SK RP Trade Design

^ 8. Special Events of the Exhibition

The exhibition included special events:

The Third Culinary Congress, The Virtuosos of the Kitchen, 21-23 April

The event included 54 delegates – directors, chefs and cooks from restaurants, cafes, hotels, deli shops and confectionaries, from the following cities of Kazakhstan: Almaty, Astana, Aktau, Shymkent, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Karaganda, Uralsk, and Kostanai.

Master classes demonstrated cooking and decoration of dishes in the following areas: Breakfast in the Restaurant, Desserts in a Restaurant Menu, Exquisite Recipes from Drumsticks: Japanese and Asian Cuisine, Finger Food Buffet in a Modern Setting, New Items in the European Cuisine, Fish and Seafood Dishes, Dishes from Chicken Drumsticks: European Cuisine, Mediterranean Cuisine.

The Virtuosos of the Kitchen Congress was organised by the Kazakhstan exhibition company Iteca and Kazakhstan Association of Chefs. General Sponsor – the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC).

Workshops and Presentation, 21-23 April:

The Current Status and Development Outlooks for the Hotel Business in Kazakhstan

Presenter: R.R. Shaikenova, President, KAGiR

Important Aspects of Hotel Staff Training

Presenter: Natalya Sergeyenkova, General Director, Astana International Hotel

Textile of the Top Level in Safety, Design and Quality. Selection of Fabric for Bed Linen: Technical Specifications and Properties

Presenter: Gleb Shchyokotov, English Dеcor representatives for the C.I.S. countries.

Workshop organised by RosTekstil LLP

Hotel Standardisation and и Certification

Presenter: Tatyana Khodorovskaya, Manager, KAGiR

We will be happy to see you at the 7th Central Asian International Exhibition HOREX 2011, on 20-22 April, Pavilion 9, Atakent Exhibition Centre, Almaty.


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