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10th International Specialized Exhibition

Название10th International Specialized Exhibition
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10th International Specialized Exhibition


September 29 – October 2, 2009

27 Ya.Kupala str., Minsk

Republic of Belarus



# ________ dated _____________________2009 Application deadline: September 9, 2009

Tel./fax: (+375 17) 286 78 54

e-mail: milex@belexpo.by

Republican Unitary Enterprise “National Exhibition Center “BelExpo”, hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”, in the person of director Mr.Lazuko Alexei, acting with the authority of by-laws, on the one hand and ____________________________________ , hereinafter referred to as “Exhibitor”, in the person of ________________________________ , acting with the authority of ___________________, on the other hand, concluded the present Contract-Application form in the following:

1. Subject of the Contract

1.1 Exhibitor is to take part in the exhibition and to make the necessary payments in due time in accordance with the Contract, and Organizer is to arrange participation of Exhibitor in the exhibition “World of Packing 2009”.

1.2. Period of the exhibition: mounting: September 27 – 28, 2009 from 9 a.m. till 8 p.m.

working hours: September 29 – October 1, 2009 from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m., October 2, 2009 from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m.

dismantling: October 2, 2009 from 4 p.m. till 7 p.m.

^ 2. Application information:

Country: ________________________ Company (full name) _______________________________________________

Legal address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Postal address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Short name for fascia panel inscription (up to 18 characters)

Contact person _______________________________ ^ Head of stand: __________________________________

GSM: _____________, Phone: _____________ Certificate of authority: #_______dated from _________

Fax: _______________________________, E-mail: _________________________.

Standard booth (sq.m.) Equipped area (sq.m.) Unequipped area (sq.m.) Outdoor area (sq.m.)


Indicate, please,

on this grid your

stand layout and

layout of the

equipment to be


^ Additional equipment and services to be ordered (Appendix 2)



^ 3. Cost of Services and Payment Procedure

3.1. Cost of participation in the exhibition is contractual and it is determined in accordance with the Appendices that are an integral part of the present Contract-Application form:

- Appendix1 – “Rates for services”.

- Appendix 2 – “Application form for additional services and equipment”.

- Appendix 3 – “Application form for catalogue entry”.

Final cost of participation is determined in the acceptance certificate of the rendered services.

3.2. The form of payment for the services rendered is 100% advance payment in accordance with the invoice. Payment shall be effected in US Dollars, Euro or Russian rubles by bank transfer to the current account of Organizer. Cash payment is possible by means of payment directly to the cash-office of Organizer. Charges for bank transfers are to be borne by Exhibitor.

^ 4. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

4.1. Organizer is obliged:

4.1.1. To provide Exhibitor with exhibition area (in accordance with clause 2) for the whole period of the event, including mounting and dismantling periods, and to provide additional equipment and services in accordance with Appendix 2.

4.2. Organizer is entitled:

4.2.1. To determine the present Contract-Application form unilaterally in case Exhibitor fails to make the necessary payments as stipulated in clause 3.2. Ordered exhibition area in this case is offered to another Exhibitor.

4.3. Exhibitor is obliged:

4.3.1. To accept and to pay for the services provided in accordance with invoices to be made out by Organizer.

4.3.2. To carry about the original copy of the signed Contract-Application form and Appendices to it, acceptance certificate of the rendered services, copies of the papers confirming payment of participation costs, a certificate of authority that allows to represent interests of the Company at the exhibition.

4.3.3. In case the booth is assembled by Exhibitor, it is obligatory to use materials that correspond to fire-technical indices not lower than G2, T2, D2, RP3 and according to the building regulations of the Republic of Belarus.

4.4. Exhibitor is entitled:

4.4.1. To carry out advertising campaigns only within his/her booth area and only of the represented company.

4.4.2. To sell exhibits in accordance with Trade rules and the existing legislation of the Republic of Belarus. Certain documents are required and to be presented on demand.

^ 5. Liabilities of the Parties

5.1. Organizer carries responsibilities for the quality of the works performed and services rendered. It shall take all precautionary measures and provide professional pavilion guarding.

5.2. Organizer shall not be liable for the loss or damage of the property during the working hours of the exhibition (from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m.).

5.3. Exhibitor undertakes the following:

5.3.1. To observe Safety Regulations and Fire Safety Requirements of the Republic of Belarus during the mounting period and working hours of the exhibition on the provided exhibition areas. FSR 2.24 – 2004

5.3.2. Exhibitor or his/her representative shall be liable for any detriment to Organizer or any other party through Exhibitor’s fault during participation in the exhibition including damages to the exhibition hall and equipment in it.

5.4. Neither Party shall be responsible for the whole or partial not carrying out of liabilities under the present Contract in case it has occurred due to force majeure circumstances (natural calamities, military actions, acts of terrorism, changes in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, written instructions of the controlling units, wrong acts of officials from a foreign country).

5.5. Cancellation of participation in the exhibition shall be made by Exhibitor in a written form 30 days prior to the beginning of the mounting period at the latest. If the given condition is not observed, Exhibitor shall indemnify to Organizer for the registration fee.

5.6. Exhibitor is liable for any delay of the payment for the services rendered by Organizer. In case the payment is not made on time Exhibitor is imposed a fine equal to 0,1% of the payment amount for each day of the delay. The fine is imposed from the first working day of the exhibition.

5.7. In case Organizer fails to render services on time, he is imposed a fine equal to 0,1% of the payment amount for each day of the delay.

6. Arbitration

6.1. Any disputes shall be settled on the base of the existing legislation in the Supreme Economic court of the Republic of Belarus in the location of Organizer.

6.2. Any claims on the services rendered are accepted during the exhibition. Claims are to be submitted in a written form.

6.3. In case Exhibitor has no claims, the services are considered to be provided and accepted by Exhibitor in the amount indicated in the acceptance certificate of the rendered services.

^ 7. Additional terms

7.1. Exhibitor is allowed to participate in the exhibition when submitting the documents indicated in clauses 4.3.2.

7.2. All the Appendices to be attached to the present Contract-Application form are its integral part and have the same force of the law: (Appendix1 – “Price list for services”, Appendix 2 – “Application form for additional services and equipment”, Appendix 3 – “Application form for catalogue entry”, the invoice). Contract-Application form and its Appendices duly signed and faxed have legal force.

7.3. Contract-Application form comes into force from the day of its signing and shall be valid till full execution of the liabilities by the Parties.

7.4. Official forwarder of the exhibition is “VYSTAVOCHNY EXPEDITOR” UE situated in 14 Pobediteley ave, 220035, Minsk, Republic of Belarus. Tel./fax: (+375 17) 226 98 33, 226 91 38, E-mail: info@ekspeditor.com.

7.5. Services of reception, hotel accommodation are rendered by “Tsentrkurort” UE. Tel./fax: (+375 17) 206 56 00, 200 60 27, e-mail: welcome@otpusk.by, RUE “Hotel “Minsk”: tel.: (+375 17) 209 90 62, 209 90 75.

7.6. Fire safety services (consultations, instructions) are rendered at the exhibition by Regional Department of Emergency Situations. Tel: (+375 17) 250 39 57

7.7. Any subject that is not stipulated in the present Contract is to be settled in accordance with the existing legislation of the Republic of Belarus.


Address:______________________________ 27 Ya.Kupala str., 220029 Minsk, Republic of Belarus


(to be mentioned obligatory) Belinvestbank, Minsk City Board of Directors, code 764, Belarus

______________________________________ SWIFT code: BLBBBY2XXXX; account 3012205630014

Address: _____________________________ DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST CO. AMERICAS, New-York

SWIFT code: BKTRUS333XXX Cor.Account 04-098-340

UNP______________________________________ UNP 100055235

Director of the Company ___________ (Name, signature) Director of the Enterprise ___________ (Name, signature)

“__” _____________________ 2009 seal “__” _____________________ 2009 seal

Hereby, I accept Fire Safety Requirements. FSR 2.24-2004.

__________________________ ______________

Head of stand signature


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