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The Republic of Belarus

Grodno Area


Version 6

The purpose of edition of the booklet is:

- expansion of the external economic links of the industrial enterprises and small-scale business enterprises;

-foundation of joint ventures on the basis of the existing enterprises and the available free areas;

- creation of favourable investment conditions for foreign investors;

- delivery of modern production equipment for technical re-equipping and introducing modern technologies at the enterprises of the region;

- development of fraternal relationships.

Lida Regional Executive Committee

ph. +375 1561 3 40 03

fax: + 375 1561 3 40 04


Republic of Belarus,

Grodno Area,

231300, Lida,

Sovetskaya St. 8

+375 1561 3 40 01 – Khudyk Andrey Pavlovich – chairman of the Executive Committee

+375 1561 3 40 02 – Klimovich Ivan Anatolievich – vice-chairman of the Executive Committee

+375 1561 2 86 35 – Kadova Irina Stanislavovna – Head of Foreign-Economic Activity Department

Lida Region is a wonderful place in Belarus. We can surely say that we have all the necessary conditions for economic development and achieving success: Because we have industrial, building and agricultural potential, advantageous geographic position, large market, friendly, clever and industrious people.

The industry of the region consists of 10 brunches: chemical and petrochemical industry; forestry and woodworking; glass industry; food and processing industry; flour and cereals and feed mill industry; mechanical engineering and metal-working, etc.

The drastic change in the economics of the country has created the necessary basis for rapid economic development of the region. Today our aim is to make the quality of our goods and services correspond to the international standards level. In support of the achieved success in this direction there was established the mutually beneficial cooperation of the region’s enterprises with their partners in the CIS countries, as well as far abroad. Over the last two years there were signed more than ten agreements about commercial and economic, scientific and technical and cultural cooperation. The agreements were concluded at the administrative level with the regions of Russia, Poland. Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan.

In our region favourable conditions are created for development of business initiative and undertakings. Four hundred from over four and a half thousand entrepreneurs working in the region have started their business just in 2006.

Lida Region is attractive for foreign investors. The enterprises with Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Lithuanian and American shares of capital work successfully here. The variants of creating joint ventures together with representatives of Azerbaijan and Latvia.

Taking into consideration the open character of our economics the main task at the present stage is to form favourable conditions for foreign investors. So that they could introduce advanced technologies by means of reconstructing the existent or establishing new industrial enterprises on the territory of the region.

For the further promotion of the economic potential of the region the efficient information infrastructure is being developed, as well as the information and presentational materials for finding partners and promoting our products on the world market are being worked out.

We care for the partners’ interests!

Yours faithfully,

Chairman of the Lida

Regional Executive Committee A.P. Khudyk


Mechanical Engineering and Metal-working

  1. “Lidaagroprommash” Public Corporation

  2. “Lidselmash” Public Corporation

  3. Pilot Plant “NEMAN” Republican Unitary Enterprise

  4. “Minojtovsky Repair Plant”

  5. “Instrumentalshchik” Unitary Privately Owned Enterprise

  6. “Тekhmash” Production Limited Liability Company

  7. “Agropromselmash” Close Corporation

  8. “ Lidsky Foundry and Mechanical Plant” Public Corporation

  9. “Beltex-Optic” Foreign Privately Owned Production Unitary Enterprise

  10. “OPTIC” Plant” Republican Unitary Enterprise

  11. “ Lidsky Plant of Electrical Equipment” Public Corporation

  12. “Cascade” Close Corporation

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

  1. “ Lakokraska” Public Corporation

  2. “Liplast-Spb” Joint Close Corporation

  3. “Bel-plast International” Joint Limited Liability Company

Glass, Porcelain and Faience Industry

  1. “Beleurotara” Close Corporation

  2. “NEMAN “ Glass-works” Public Corporation

Food Industry

  1. “Mozhejkovo” LRAUE

  2. “Lidskoe Pivo” Public Corporation

  3. “Lidsky Concentrated Milk Factory” Public Corporation

  4. “ Lidsky Meat-Processing Plant” Unitary Public Corporation

  5. “Lidskie Food Concentrates” Public Corporation

  6. “Lidsky Bread-Baking Plant”

  7. “Enarg” Joint Limited Liability Company

Flour and Cereals and Feed Mill Industry

  1. “Lidakhleboproduct” Public Corporation

Light Industry

  1. “Lida Shoe Factory” Public Corporation

  2. “Lidlen” Public Corporation

Printing industry

  1. “ Lida Printing-House” Grodno Regional Polygraphic Unitary Enterprise

Forestry, Woodworking and Pulp and Paper Industry

  1. “Lidskaya Mebelnaya Fabrika” Unitary Enterprise

  2. “ Lidastroymaterialy” Public Corporation

  3. “Lidsky Leskhoz” City Forestry Administration

Building Materials Industry

  1. “Lidastroykonstruktsia” DP Enterprise

Peat Industry

  1. “Ditva” Republican Production Unitary Enterprise

  2. “Lidskoe” Industrial Republican Unitary Peat Enterprise

Pharmaceutical Industry

  1. “Izotron” Factory” Republican Production Unitary Enterprise

In the Name of Love and Eternal Life

The daughter of the Grand Belarusian-Lithuanian Duke Gedimin was very beautiful. Her eyes were black as night, and she had wonderful fair hair. Her name was Lida. Everybody admired the beauty of the princess: the nobility, as well as the common people. The peasants who lived near to the castle loved her very much for her kind and responsive heart.

Years passed. Lida became more and more beautiful. The Duke, who lived near by, rich and influential, but not at all young and completely not attractive in appearance, could not help noticing her. He asked Lida’s father to let him marry her. Gedimin agreed without long hesitations. But nobody asked about the girl’s wish, though her heart was occupied by the other darling…

When in spring streams purled and the gardens were in blossom, a group of people appeared at the castle’s gate. There was no doubt that it was the “groom" who came. When Lida saw him, she went to her chamber. And in the meantime a great feast took place in the Duke’s palace. And it lasted for three days and three nights. The guests were crammed with viands and overseas wines.

The time had come to present the bride to the groom. However while the father, accompanied by his suite, was ascending to his daughter’s room, Lida slipped away and ran out to the castle wall by secret passages. She stood on the very edge in her light white dress, she was very straight and lifted head proudly. The wind played tenderly with the folds of her clothes and her long hair fluttered. It was in vain that the frightened court ran to her, that the father shouted to her desperately. The princess looked around for the last time and plunged down the wall.

The Duke’s court and common people mourned over Lida for a long time. The father was in grief for a long time too. He gave his daughter’s name – Lida – to the place where she died, and the river the waves of which have carried her away he called Lidieya.

They say that in the warm spring nights when the gardens are in blossom, and the castle’s hill is lightened brightly by the moon, Lida appears on the wall. She looks silently to the horizon and disappears at dawn without a sound. Only those who have good thoughts and faithful hearts can see her. Such is the legend.

^ Mechanical engineering and metal-working

1. "LidAgroprommash" Public Corporation

231300. Lida, Ignatov St. 52,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area,

Waiting room; +375 1561 2-15-46, 2-22-50

Fax: +375 15612-02-56



Krugly Viktor Viktorovich

More than 25 names and standard sizes of agricultural machines many of which have no analogues in the CIS countries are being produced here. System of quality STB ISO 9001-2001 operates at the enterprise as well as the requirements of the standards of Germany (DIN) are being observed.

Lida-1300 Combine Harvester

SZМ-3 Sowing-machine

SКS-2 Sowing-machine

SPU Sowing-machine

SU-12 Fertilizer Sowing-machine

STB Sowing-machine

SP-2 Potato-digger

APP-6A Sowing Complex

g/p Trailer 14 tons


Business circles representatives (firms, companies, organizations) engaged in delivery of agricultural machinery:

  • for creating a joint enterprise;

  • for direct supplies of metal production;

  • for profound cooperation on agricultural machinery production.

2. “Lidselmash” Public Corporation

231300, Lida, Sovetskaya St. 70,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel.fax: +375 1561 2-76-82

Tel. /fax: Commercial Department: +375 1561 2-24-92, 2-06-97, 2-49-60


Http: //

Director General:

VASHKEVICH Jury Eduardovich

“Lidselmash” Public Corporation produce the following agricultural machinery:

  • tillage machines: ploughs (of 2-3 cases), heavy disc harrows;

  • planting-sowing machines: potato-planters (2-4 rows), pneumatic and accurate sowing seeding-machines, cultivator seeding-machines, mineral fertilizers spreaders;

  • combine harvesters: mowing-machine, balers, potato-diggers (1-2 rows), potato-sorters, bank digger;

  • forestry engineering machines: forest plough, forest disc harrows, grasper;

  • municipal equipment: collecting tractor equipment, sand spreaders, building loader;

  • grain separating and drying equipment.

We perform any kind of welding work according to the customer’s drafts.


Representatives of agricultural enterprises, engaged in delivery of agricultural machinery:

- for cooperation in joint production and sale.

3. “Pilot-Plant NEMAN “Republican Unitary Enterprise

231300, Lida, Marshal Zhukov St. 3,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Sales Department: +3751561 5-83-49, 5-83-71

Foreign-Economic Relations Department:

+375 1561 5-83-69, 5-83-48

Tel./fax for orders: +3751561 3-95-71



Rutkovsky Stanislav Stanislavovich

Main types of produce:

  • “Neman” bus- 5201 (big city);

  • “Neman” bus - 52012 (suburban);

  • “Neman” bus- 52012 (suburban of increased comfort)

  • “Neman” bus- 3231 (small class)

  • Gas burner block L1-N for water heating boilers of “Fakel-G” («Факел-Г») type.

Traditions and requirements to quality of the products of the defense industry enterprise ensure the authority of the trade mark.


Organizations buying motor transport machinery:

  • for creating a joint enterprise on autobus production (300…1000 machines a year).

4. “Minojtovsky Repair Plant”

231311, Lida region, village of Minojty,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area,

Tel.: +375 1561 2-27-02, 9-71-88

Tel./fax: +375 1561 9-71-88, 2-65-71



Diekievich Anton Pavlovich

The enterprise with a half century experience on agricultural machinery production puts out semi-mounted turnwrest 4, 5, 7 and 8-chell ploughs with actuators and spring protection of “Querneland” firm " PPO-4-40, PPО-5-40, PPО-7-40К, PPО-8-4ОК.

Their advantages are smooth ploughing without double and open furrows, productivity and efficiency of work, economy of fuel, reliability and high wear resistance of actuators and low prices as compared with foreign analogues.

Combine wide-cut harvester АКSH-6 - tillage, leveling and packing of the soil, operating rest – of “Bianchi” Italian firm.

Tillage sowing machine АPP-4 - carries out one run tillage, leveling, packing of the soil and sowing of various crops with the inter-row interval of 12.5 cm and the sowing norm of from 0.1 up to 400 kg per hectare.


Business circles representatives (firms, companies, organizations) engaged in sale of agricultural machinery.

We are interested in direct supply of metal-roll.

5. “Instrumentalshchik” Privately Owned Production Unitary Enterprise

231300, Lida, Sovetskaya St 70,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Phone/fax: +375 1561 2-63-41


Lipsky Vladimir Stanislavovich


- production tools, stamps, casting molds, non-standard equipment;

- machining: milling and turning works;

- steel entrance doors for dwelling houses and public buildings and premises;

- decorative works of art: forged furniture, benches (park, garden, cottage) as well as grates, fences, gates, aprons;

- chargrills, skewers.

Forged products are a sign of beauty and prosperity!


Partners for representing interests and selling the produce.

6. “Techmash” Production Limited Liability Company

231300, Lida, Furmanov Lane 16,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Director general: TSIRKUNOV Piotr Ivanovich

Waiting room:

+375 1561 4-99-72

Department of commerce:

+375 1561 4-99-73, 4-99-74, 4-99-76

Fax: +375 1561 4-99-76


E-mail: tехmаshlid@mаil.lidа.by

The enterprise produces about 40 names of agricultural machinery.

- cultivators for pre-sowing treatment of soil KPS and КNS with coverage of 1.7, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8.0;

- cultivators for inter-row processing of corn and beet crops КРН and КМS;

- rotary rake-agitator GVR-6;

- plain edge machines, batching plants and turner of flax strips;

- spike-tooth harrows and chain harrows.

- combine harvester АКSH-3.6-0.2 with knife harrow

- combine tillage machine АКSH-3.6-0.2

- combine chisel plow АКCH-5.4

- rotary rake - agitator GVR-6

- pull-type cultivator КPМ-6,0

- hinged cultivator – hiller КОN-2,8

- pull-type cultivator KPМ-8,0


We are interested in agricultural machinery bulk buyers, as well as in metal-roll supplies.

We produce agricultural machinery according to the customer’s design.

7. "Аgropromselmash” Close Corporation

231300, Lida, Kachan St. 19

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel.: +375 1561 2-63-10

Tel./fax: +375 1561 2-02-68



Moisievich Ivan Ivanovich


- Potato-diggerКТN-2Р;

- Steel barrels;

- Steel drums;

- Metal fence;

- Conveyors and spare parts for potato-digger;s

- Shovels for sowing-machines SPU;

- Onion digger KL-1,4A.


Metal-roll manufacturers. Agricultural machinery consumers and selling organizations. We shall consider any kind of proposal of joint production in the metal-working sphere.

8. “Lidsky Foundry and Mechanical Plant” Public Corporation

231300, Lida, Kachan St. 4

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Director: +375 1561 2-75-29

Waiting room: +375 1561 2-54-71

Sales and Marketing Department: +375 1561 2-77-42




Products of the enterprise:

- Blanks of bush sleeves of cylinder blocks for engines of KamAZ, Ural, GAZ, Moskvich, ZIL, IZH, UAZ, VAZ, RAF, “Zhiguli”,”Volga”, “Gazel” vehicles, tractors, “Niva” and MAZ combine harvestors;

- Casting of grey and high-duty cast iron (pulleys, cases, covers, rollers, etc.);
- Cast-iron fence;

- Decorative stone grating.

We produce up to 1000 tons per month.


Our castings are not works of art, but their quality and variety are worthy of admiration.

9. “Beltex-Optic” Foreign Privately-Owned Production Unitary Enterprise

231300, Lida, Furmanova St. 47,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel.: +375 1561 4-70-10, 4-50-22



Rabinchiuk Valiery Siergieevich

“Beltex-Optic” is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of optical devices for civil use, including day optics (binoculars, spyglasses), night vision equipment (hunting sights, monoculars, spectacles and binoculars of night vision, digital night vision devices), accessories (supports, photoadapters, videonozzles, infrared torches, directed microphones, lenses).

Any Yukon Advanced Optics® device has high working characteristics and attractive appearance.

We produce optical devices of our own brand Yukon® Advanced Optics, as well as we cooperate closely with other world’s leading brands.


10. “OPTIC” Plant, Republican Unitary Enterprise,

231300, Lida, Masherov St. 10,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area.

Tel.: +375 1561 4-57-98, 4-57-88.

fax: + 375 1561 4-78-46



Golovach Tadeush Juzefovich

The basic types of products of the enterprise:

- Optical glass;

- Singe-focus stigmatic lenses with sun and decorative coverings, АR- coverings, photochromic lenses made of «Corning» firm’s (France) half-finished product, astigmatic;

- parts of geometrical optics – lenses, prisms, plates, mirrors (including stomatological, ENT-mirrors), optics for the ophthalmologic equipment; laser elements of KGV (КГВ);

-fiber garrots, compound concentrators, plates;

- Door viewers, magnifiers, cosmetic mirrors, tools.


Vision corrective spectacles manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of optic devices, optomechanical units and componentry.

Suppliers of superpurity materials for glass manufacturing.

We shall consider proposals relating to fiber-optic production.

^ 12. “CASCADE” Close Corporation

231300, Lida, Kirov St. 27,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel.: + 375 1561 245-57, 2-25-11, 2-45-78

Fax: + 375 1561 3-23-06



Uss Ivan Ivanovich


- designing and manufacturing of large-sized chandeliers and lighting compositions;

- equipping office buildings, welfare objects, religious buildings;

- chandeliers and lamp-brackets of individual design;

- delivery to the regions of close and far foreign countries;

- assembling and chief - editing.


Planning institutions, architect’s offices, restoration offices, capital construction boards, management teams of objects in the process of building, management teams of social and culture objects (theatres, museums, centers of public culture, patient care institutions, sanitary centres).

- street refuse bins;
- containers for household waste products;

- containers for separate collecting of waste;
- support constructions for street lighting;
- park benches;

- fences;

- sheds and aprons;

- decorative metal units.


Housing enterprises, capital construction boards, trade organizations, management teams of social and culture objects in the process of building, industrial enterprises with wide social infrastructure, planning institutions, architect’s offices.

^ Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

13. “Lakokraska” Public Corporation

231300, Lida, Ignatov St. 71,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel./fax : +375 1561 2-27-55



Sidorov Ivan Pietrovich

It is wonderful to change opinion about usual things! We are able to make the world brighter and kinder!

With us the world is brighter!

The basic kinds of products:

  • paintwork materials for house-building: brick and concrete paints, enamels and sizing for metal, wood, concrete; water-dispersed paints; wide assortment of varnishes; wood protective compositions;

  • paintwork materials for machine and aircraft-building and instrumental-making;

  • paintwork materials of special purpose: enamels, varnishes, sizing for protection of equipment, pipelines, concrete and ferroconcrete constructions;

- phthalic anhydride;

- dispersion ПVА;

- half-finished varnish ПF-060;

- paint for highway striping «Shtolreflex D-1163»;


- sizing EP-045 "K" - anticorrosive;

- chemically stable composition CHS-500 "K"

- water-base paintwork materials for building and redecoration.


Representatives of building and woodworking organizations, machine and aircraft-building and instrumental-making and trade enterprises.

14. “Liplast” Joint Close Corporation

231300, Lida, Kachan St. 54B

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel./fax: +375 1561 2-24-90, 2-23-60, 2-34-96



RYSHKIEVICH Igor Mikhailovich

The Joint Belarusian-Russian Enterprise, manufactures the products of fiberglass plastic. The basic kinds of products:

- parts of interior and exterior furnish of tractors МТZ, MAZ vehicles, Amkodor loaders, buses, trolley buses;

- parts of interior and exterior furnish of inter-regional and suburban railroad cars;

- children's playgrounds, street refuse bins, boxes, park benches, bus stop complex;

- pools and water chutes, boats;

- basements for rests of street lighting;

- road dividing cones;

- semi-booths of pay phones (2 kinds: external and internal /interior);

- chairs for stands of stadiums and other entertainment constructions and waiting rooms.


Representatives of machine- and motor-cars construction enterprises, as well as representatives of housing.

15. “Bel-plast International” Joint Limited Liability Company

231300, Lida-11, 36

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area,

Tel./fax: +375 1561 2-69-56, 2-69-18



Director general:

Vielikin Anatoly Lieonidovich

“Bel-plast International” Joint Limited Liability Company is included into the group of companies “Rosinsky I S-ka” founded in 1999, which is one of the largest manufacturers of polypropylene and polyethylene packing for household chemical goods, cosmetic products and foodstuffs in Europe. At present 96 persons work at the enterprise.

The enterprise manufactures more than 100 names of polymeric packages for household chemical goods, glues, perfumery-cosmetic products and foodstuffs. The products of the enterprise are being sold both on the territory of the CIS countries as well as in near and far foreign countries.

“Bel-plast International” Joint Limited Liability Company manufactures packing for such well-known trade marks, as: Vanish, Vanish OXI, Dosia, Cillit Bang, Fratty, Kleo, Agualon, Volton, Solis, Kondor, Iris, BelKosmex, Mister X, Raduga, Derry, Viksan, BRК, Barchim, Borbytchim, Sanfor, Zhemchug, etc.


Manufacturers of household chemical goods, perfumery-cosmetic products and foodstuffs.

Glass, Porcelain and Faience Industry

16. “Beleurotara” Joint Close Corporation

231300, Lida, Masherov St. 10

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area,

Tel..: +375 1561 4-57-05

Tel./fax: +375 1561 4-28-97, 4-23-16



Khochienkov Vitaly Aliexandrovich

The enterprise specializes on manufacturing bottles of the colourless glass for alcoholic beverage products.

Over the period of ten years’ work there has been mastered the production of 23 varieties of bottles.

Among them 12 kinds are the exclusive bottles being produced for the certain customer.

Production volume is 45 million pieces per year (conditionally 0,5 liter bottles).

Number of the workers is 140 persons.


Buyers of colourless bottles for distilleries.

Raw materials suppliers:

- roasted soda;

- feldspar;

- natrium sulphate;

- aluminea;

- selenium;

- crimped cardboard.

^ 17. “NEMAN” Glass-works” Public Corporation

231306, Beriozovka, Korzyuk St. 8,

Republik of Belarus,

Grodno Area, Lida Region

Tel.: +375 1561 2-24-35,

Fax: +375 1561 2-15-30



BATIAN Igor Mikhailovich

The factory manufactures a wide variety of products of colored and colorless glass, crystal:

- glass-ware and decorative products of sodium-calcium soda-lime glass and crystal;

- diffusers for lamps;

- candlesticks for non-electric candles;

- glass bottles.

Unique handmade works.


Enterprises and organizations engaged in wholesale purchases, as well as investors and probable consumers.

Food Industry

18. “Mozheikovo” LRAUE

231325, Mozheikovo village,

Republic of Belarus

Grodno Area, Lida Region

Tel.: +375 1561 5-06-06

Sales department: +375 1561 9-53-95



Rakhatka Kazimir Vladislavovich

Lida Regional Agricultural Unitary Enterprise “Mozheikovo” was founded in September 1939 based on the private magnate’s manor and was called Collective Farm “17 Sientiabria” (September 17), and starting from July 1944 was named Collective Farm “Maloye Mozheikovo”. In July 2001 it was reorganized into LRAUE “Mozheikovo” of the Collective Farm belonging to the regional administration. The main industrial branches of the enterprise are:

- grain and vegetables production;

- meat and milk products manufacture;

- alcohol and distillery products manufacture;

There is a spirit production workshop with the yearly productivity of 100 thousand decalitres. In June 1996 the distillery production workshop was put into action. At present the enterprise produces 10 kinds of vodka: “Pansky Dom”, “Lidskaya Originalnaya”, “Belorusskaya Novaya”, “ Damskaya”, “Mirskaya Kryshtaliovaya”, “Vkus Pobiedy”, “Mozheikovskaya”, “Mozheikovskaya Chiornaya Smorodina”, “Mozheikovskaya Limon”, “Dzhin Kardinal”, three types of liqueur: “Shokoladno-Oriekhhovy”, “Cherry Brandy”, “Koffee with Cognac”, two types of grape wine: “Lidiy”, “Ziemfira”, brandy “Prazdnichny”.

The high quality of products has not once been pointed out at international degustation contests and exhibitions.


Bulk enterprises, city trading networks, individual entrepreneurs.

19. “Lidskoe Pivo” Public Corporation

231300. Lida, Mitskevich St. 32,

Tel.: +375 1561 2-37-01, 2-56-56

Fax: +375 1561 6-72-77


Director General:

Jufa Vladimir Yakovlievich

“Lidskoe Pivo” Public Corporation is the first enterprise of brewing branch of the Republic of Belarus which has received the International Certificate of Quality ISО 22000:2005, as well as the only brewery which has been awarded the Premium of the Government of RB for achievements in the field of quality for manufacture of high-quality and competitive products.

The enterprise manufactures beer in a glass bottle of 0,5 l, in polyethylene bottles of 0,75 l, 1 l, 1,5 l and 2 l, and in kegas.

Except for the basic product – beer – the brewery manufactures also the drinks based on sugar and fructose, drinks containing 10% of natural juice, kvass on kvass wort, drinking water and low alcoholic drinks.

“Lidskoe Pivo” Public Corporation, one of the oldest breweries of the Republic, celebrated its 130-th anniversary in 2006.

For producing beer and drinks, water from the artesian well is used, the depth of which is 280 meters and which is located on the territory of the enterprise.


Bulk enterprises, city trading networks; food storehouses.

20. “Lidsky Concentrated Milk Factory” Public Corporation

231300. Lida, Engels St. 116,

Tel.: +375 1561 2-15-16; 2-12-44



Blagovieshek Vladimir Ivanovich

The basic kinds of products:

Dry whole milk with 25 % of fat content, dry skim milk with 1,5 % of fat content, dry cream with 42 % of fat content, frozen cottage cheese, whole-milk products, substitutes of whole milk for feeding calves and pigs, mayonnaise, butter sold by weight and packed, condensed skim milk.

The main production is manufacturing of dry milk. At present the factory is capable to take for processing up to 550 tons of milk per day. The number of workers at the enterprise is about 500 persons. The daily average volume of production of dry canned food amounts to 50 tons.

In 2004 the enterprise received Certificate of Conformity № BY/112, which certifies that the system of quality management of production of dry milk corresponds to the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2001.

In 2006 the enterprise received Certificate of Conformity for the following products: dried cream №BY/11203.03.01300163; dried non-fat milk №BY/11203/03001300164; dried whole milk №BY/11203.06.01300165.


Bulk enterprises, city trading networks; food storehouses; bulk buyers of dried milk.

21. “Lidsky Meat-Processing Plant” Unitary Public Corporation

231300, Lida, Tolstoy St. 16,
Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel.: +375 1561 2-27-17, 2-64-28, 2-23-05

Fax: +375 1561 2-64-25, 2-03-18



Shulieiko Jury Vitoldovich

“Lidsky Meat-Processing Plant” has been famous for its produce for a long time. For more than 60 years it offers for gourmets its meat delicacies.

In 2005 there was built and put into action the new, still more powerful workshop.

At present the plant produces over 80 kinds of product: beef meat, pork meat, by-products of 1st and 2nd categories, food rendered fats, meat semis, boiled, semi-smoked and boiled-smoked sausages, cooked meats of pork and beef, as well as technical produce.

The unique taste and smell of the sausages is provided by using the high quality cooled meat of own production, as well as the freshest and ecologically pure products: milk, eggs, and spices. High skilled experts, modern equipment, advanced technologies, high quality raw materials are the components of the good name of the plant’s produce, estimated so highly by the customers.


Representatives of meat-processing and trading enterprises;

pork and beef suppliers.

We shall consider propositions on manufacturing equipment supplies.

22. “Lidskie Food Concentrates” Public Corporation

231300, Lida, Tavlay St. 11,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel./fax; +375 1561 2-59-67, 2-59-52

+375 1561 2-26-13



Piekarsky Nikolay Nikolaevich

The enterprise produces more than 100 names of finished goods. Among them:

- food concentrates of the first and second lunch dishes (soups and porridges);

- kissels and jelly;

- dresses and spices;

- dry breakfasts, groats flakes;

- fruit wines and wine materials;

- services on manufacture and packaging of loose products.

The monthly average volume of production of the first and second lunch dishes amounts to 120 tons, sweet dishes – 70 tons, dresses and spicery – 15 tons, dry breakfasts – 15 tons, groats flakes – 80 tons, fruit wine – 20 thousand USD.


Bulk enterprises, food storehouses.

We invite regional dealers and distributors.

23. “Grodnokhlebprom” Republican Unitary Production Enterprise , “Lidsky Bread-Baking Plant” subsidiary

231300, Lida, Shubin St. 14,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel./fax: +375 1561 2-24-73 – waiting room

Sales Department: +375 1561 2-69-00


Chierniak Iosif Stanislavovich

For more than 50 years the collective of the Lidsky Bread-Baking Plant produces the most valuable foodstuffs – the bread.

We produce bakery foodstuffs, cakes, pastry, sugary sweet, flour sweet, gingerbread, cookies, dried bread kvass, dried crust, shcherbet, salty nuts (peanuts).

The collective of the enterprise constantly aspires to improve its production, to raise quality and to expand assortment of the sold products, to satisfy the most refined tastes of the consumers.

The monthly average volume of production is 1200 tons of bakery and confectionery products.

The system of quality management ISO is implemented at the enterprise. There is work being carried out on making the production system correspond to the international quality system NASSR.


Bulk enterprises, city trading networks, individual entrepreneurs.

24. “Enarg” Joint Limited Liability Company

231300, Lida, Nievsky St. 15

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel./fax: +375 1561 4-51-80, 4-51-89


Representative office in Minsk:

"Tsentr - Polius" Unitary Enterprise

Tel./fax: +375 17 237-51-65, 262-46-14


Litvinienko Alieksey Jurievich

In 2003 the ice-cream with the trade mark "Polus" and the emblem of a polar bear has appeared in the market. Its manufacturer is “Enarg” Joint Limited Liability Company in the city of Lida. The excellent taste, excellent design of packing and the acceptable price have made the ice-cream a favourite delicacy not only in the city of Lida, but in other cities of the Republic of Belarus.

At present the Enterprise produces various assortment of ice-cream:

- "Antoshka": in wafer cups with jam, cooked condensed milk, raisins;

- "Everest" ice cream on a stick and "Rodnichok" in chocolate, caramel and an apricot glaze;

- “Polus” sandwich;

- “Polus” classical ice-cream in wafer cup and on a stick;

- large-packed ice-cream with jam, raisins and candied fruits, with the condensed milk, with chocolate-nut mass; weight of 500 g.


Trade representatives and manufacturers of raw materials for ice-cream production.

Flour and Cereals and Feed Mill Industry

25. “Lidakhleboproduct” Public Corporation
231300, Lida, Bulat St. 1,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel./fax : +375 1561 5-82-06

Director General;

BIELY Alieksandr Lieonidovich

The enterprise functions since 1984. In 1996 it was reorganized into “Lidakhleboproduct” Public Corporation. Its main produce is:

- baking wheat flour of supreme, first and second grades, semolina, germinal wheaten flakes, baking wheaten bolting, wheaten groats of the supreme grade;
- baking wheaten flour enriched with phyto-additives;

Food concentrates: " Ordinary Pizza", " Yeasty Pizza", " Pancakes. Receipt 1, 2, 3 ".
- mixed fodders for оfattening of pigs, hens, cattle, premixes, feeding mix, wheat bolting.


Bulk buyers of flour and cereals mill products,

city trading networks,

foodstuffs storehouses.

Light Industry

26. “Lida Shoe Factory” Public Corporation

231300, Lida, Fabrichnaya St. 6,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel./fax: +375 1561 3-12-57

+375 1561 2-16-61, 2-93-19



Chizhik Vladimir Vladimirovich

Privately owned enterprise with the number of workers of more than 1000 persons, produces more than 1 million pairs of footwear per year.

The purpose of the enterprise:

«Each season with a new collection of the better quality for the whole world».

“Lida Shoe Factory” Public Corporation has started promotion of the new trade marks directed at change of consumer perception and formation of the new image of the enterprise in the market.

«Green Line» Trade Mark - the line from nature. The stylish footwear made of linen fabrics is fashionable, comfortable, up-to-date.

"Goodwin" Trade Mark - we grow together. Children's high quality footwear of modern design.


Trading enterprises for products selling,

as well as shoes producing enterprises for work on conditions of goods made on commission (making shoes, car mats, etc.).

We shall sign dealers agreements.

27. “Lidlen” Public Corporation

231304, Lida region, village of Dorzhy

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel.: +375 1561 9-63-30, 2-27-03


GORIEGLYAD Nikolay Nikolaevich

"Lidlen” Public Corporation carries out initial processing of rotted straw, cultivation of flax on the rented lands by forces of the mechanized group. The purpose of the enterprise is manufacturing of raw flax and flax-seed.


We are interested in creation of a joint enterprise for rotted straw processing and manufacturing products of flax (10 thousand tons per year).

Printing Industry

28. «Lida Printing-House” Grodno Regional Polygraphic Unitary Enterprise

231300, Lida, Lenin St. 23,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel.: +375 1561 4-77-88, 4-73-58



Luchko Stiepan Grigorievich

The Grodno Regional Polygraphic Unitary Enterprise «Lida Printing-House» manufactures pre-printed forms, labels, books, magazines, newspapers. The number of workers is 30 persons, monthly average production volume amounts to 66,0 million rubles.


Publishing-houses, books trading enterprises and organizations.

Forestry, Woodworking and Pulp and Paper Industry

29. «Lida Furniture Factory» Commercial Unitary Enterprise

231300, Lida, Moprovskaya St. 4,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel.: +375 1561 2-27-75, 2-05-36

Fax: +375 156 2-97-81

e-mail: up_lidamebel@mail.lida.bу



Fiedorovich Genrik Ivanovich

The basic kinds of products being manufactured:

  • sets of cabinet furniture;

  • sets of furniture for bedrooms;

  • sets of office furniture;

  • sets of furniture for anteroom;

  • bureaus, computer tables, journal tables;

  • clothes-presses and bedside-tables, lockers;

  • single beds and double beds;

  • furniture from solid wood:

"Viking" Program;

"Province" Program.


Partners for presenting interests and trading, acquainted with the market of the branch.

We are interested in contracts with Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Tatarstan, Germany, Uzbekistan, Russia.

Creating a joint enterprise.

^ 30. “Lidastroymaterialy” Public Corporation

231300, Lida, Pritytsky St. 22

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel.: +375 1561 5-82-92, 5-82-85, 5-87-79, 5-82-98.



Birich Siergiey Vladimirovich

Warm in the winter, fresh in hot weather.

“Lidastroymaterialy” Public Corporation manufactures the following products:

- Sash pulleys of the Scandinavian type (glass+glass pack);

- Sash pulleys "Eurowindows";

- Panel doors;

- Solid doors;

- Stool;

- Moulded products.


Building industry enterprises, enterprises engaged in bulk trading and parquet laying.


31. “Lidsky Leskhoz” City Forestry Administration

231300, Lida, Furmanov St. 10,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel.: +375 1561 4-27-50

Fax: +375 1561 4-97-75,

e-mail: GrodnoLeshoz@tut.By

Acting director:

Gierasimovich Ivan Stanislavovich

The structure of forestry enterprise includes 8 forest areas and 2 woodworking shops.

^ The primary purpose of forestry enterprise - protection of woods against fire, protection against diseases, taking care of a forest and restoration of forests after entire felling.

For restoration of woods the forestry enterprise stores pine, fur-tree, birch seed, oak acorns and other breeds.


Building Materials Industry

32. “Lidastroykonstruktsia” DP Enterprise

231300, Lida, Pritytsky St. 24,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel./fax: +375 1561 5-83-99, 5- 87- 85

Marketing Department: +375 1561 5-83-94

Sales Department: +375 1561 5-87-91



Butrim Ivan Alfredovich

The enterprise produces:

  • a wide spectrum of ferro-concrete products for housing and industrial construction: ceiling panels, concrete blocks for cellar walls, pavement plates, fence panels, products for round wells, continuous footing plates, etc.

- concrete vibrocompression products: walkway slabs (Kreta, Petal, Cube, Wave), curbs, concrete and building blocks, claydite-concrete building blocks, blocks for covering tram ways.

New kinds of products:

  • the complete set of ferro-concrete structures for construction of cattle-breeding complexes

  • decorative guard plates

  • stair flights

  • “Kreta” paving slabs

  • sledged building blocks

For producing ferro-concrete and concrete structures the enterprise has its own high quality raw material which is the sand from its own sand-pit.


Experts, ministries and departments, enterprises and persons, who are interested in our products. We invite to participate in the plan of joint enterprise creation for any products manufacture at our free areas, as well as to rent our buildings and constructions.

^ Peat industry

33. “Lidskoe” Industrial Republican Unitary Peat Enterprise

231301, Lida region, village of Pervomaysky, Lenin St. 3,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel./fax: +375 1561 9-15-00



Tyranov Victor Vasilievich

The Enterprise produces peat briquettes:

- on the basis of peat and flax BТК;

- on the basis of peat – BТ-6; BТ-7;

- of the mix of peat and saw dust BТD-1;

- of the mix of peat and empty glume BTP.

The Enterprise produces packing made of crimped cardboard, of any size according to the customer’s wish. The briquettes may be packed in polypropylele sacks by 40-45 kg, in cardboard packing by 8 kg.


The enterprise will consider propositions relating to manufacturing produce base on peat and propositions to create a joint venture.

34. "Ditva” Republican Production Unitary Enterprise

231332, settlement Ditva, Lida Region,

Republic of Belarus, Grodno Area

Tel.: + 375 1561 7-71-33, 7-72-36, 7-74-59



Bosko Arkady Nikolaevich


- Fuel briquettes;

- Fertilizer "Biogumus";

- Charcoal.


The enterprise will consider propositions relating to

create a joint venture

Pharmaceutical Industry

35. "Isotron” Factory" Republican Production Unitary Enterprise

231300, Lida, Kachan St. 19,

Tel./fax: +375 1561 2-05-38

Sales Department: +375 1561 2-96-28


Acting Director:

Dubinchik Dmitry Alieksandrovich

Sterile manufacture of medications.

At present "Isotron” Factory" is the only enterprise in Belarus, which produces solutions of hydrogen peroxide and of chlorhexidine bigluconate. "Isotron” Factory" is one of the enterprises included into the “BelBioPharm” Concern. Today it is a modern enterprise of pharmaceutical industry, which is developing rapidly.

The basic kinds of products:

- solution of hydrogen peroxide 3 % in packages

- solution with mass fractions of hydrogen peroxide 6 %

- solution of chlorhexidine bigluconate 0,05 %

- magnesium sulfate, Streptocid

- Medications based on plant raw materials: camomiles flowers, motherwort herb, calendula flowers

- overalls (10 kinds of models)


Investors and organizations, engaged in bulk and retail medications triad both in Belarus and abroad. The enterprise is interested in contacts with representatives of pharmaceutical companies and factories: in creating a joint venture.


Industrial complex of lida region 2007 iconCommunal unitary enterprise «Complex for processing and storage of toxic industrial wastes of Gomel region»

Industrial complex of lida region 2007 iconCommunal unitary enterprise «Complex for processing and storage of toxic industrial wastes of Gomel region»

Industrial complex of lida region 2007 iconLida Region

Industrial complex of lida region 2007 iconOrganization of industrial development of chalk deposit «Dobruskoe» with infrastructure
«Gomelbuildingmaterials», the jsc «Gomelglass», the building and agroindustrial complex, etc
Industrial complex of lida region 2007 iconRecreation & Entertainment Complex Developed On The Basis Of «Complex Vostok» Area

Industrial complex of lida region 2007 iconОсновная отчетность за 2008 г. 4 (Межформенные годовые увязки)
Млх[040,1]+ф2-лх,2007. 05. 31,млх[041,1]+ф2-лх,2007. 05. 31,млх[042,1]+ф2-лх,2007. 05. 31,млх[044,1]+ф2-лх,2007. 05. 31,млх[045,1]+ф2-лх,2007....
Industrial complex of lida region 2007 icon150,3]=ф1,2008. 02. 14[620,3]+ф2-лх,2007. 05. 31,Млх[040,1
Млх[044,1]+ф2-лх,2007. 05. 31,млх[045,1]+ф2-лх,2007. 05. 31,млх[046,1]+ф2-лх,2007. 05. 31,млх[047,1]
Industrial complex of lida region 2007 iconCreation of an enterprise for the production of mushrooms on an industrial basis

Industrial complex of lida region 2007 iconOrganization of industrial development of chalk deposit “Dobruskoe” with infrastructure

Industrial complex of lida region 2007 iconConstruction of sewage treatment plants to clean up industrial and domestic wastewater in Svetlogorsk

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